Easy to adapt
With comfort
And clarity

UltraLite is a mid-level Free Form Progressive Lens that Mr. Performs like a premium level Free-Form Progressive Lens.

The power progression is quick and gradual making the Ultralite feel comfortable and easy to adapt to. The corridors feel wide and early presbyopes love this lens since it is ideal for low adds. Built for daily use for active wearers, it excels in sports activities as well as near vision tasks.

The mr. easy in ultralite

UltraLite is our Mr. Designed for All and was built especially for the early presbyope. With an outstanding free-form design, you get a 4K experience at a mid-level price point.

That’s why it’s one of the best Free-Form progressive lens to get into for those looking for a first-time upscale experience.

However, once you experience the UltraLite, it will be hard for you to try anything else!

The mr. benefits

Super soft design
free-form progressive

easy to adapt and use due to soft design

available in full range of materials

3 different progression lengths

best suited to early presbyopes and 1st time wearers

The Mr. Rating for Ultra Lite

Width of visual field for Distance Vision

Width of visual field for intermediate vision

Width of visual field for near vision

Ease of adaptation

The Mr. Wearer will benefit from

First time progressive wearer who is looking for a premium lens to start off with. UltraLite designs allows for wide fields of comfortable vision.

Wide zone for distance for sports activities

Extended zone for intermediate
distances for digital devices

Low level of peripheral disturbances

Easy adaptation due to its soft design

Why choose ultralite

UltraLite is our Mr. Easy mid-level lens when it comes to adaptation and comfort. With its wide field of view, it provides outstanding clarity for distance, intermediate and near.

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