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A Global Lens
Supplier with Lots
of Attractive Benefits...

We created the Mr. Focus RX program as a one-stop-shop because we know you’re Mr. Busy with running your practice or optical shop. The last thing you want is to think about one more thing to make your business run smoothly.

Mr. Lenses can take at least one BIG TASK off
your to-do list by being an all-in-one lens supplier –
the perfect partner for your lens supply needs.

We have a wide range of lens options to choose from. Whether you need progressive, single vision, office, anti-fatigue, Transitions, Polarized, or Sun Lenses, we have what you’re looking for in indexes 1.50 to 1.74. You can also choose from all materials including plastic, polycarbonate, and Trivex.

Our wide range of lens options

Our wide range of lens options

  • Free-Form
    Progressive Lenses

    We offer a wide range of free-form progressive lenses made with the latest technology to suit your specifications.

    From our entry level Optima and Optima Plus designs, to mid-entry Optima HD, to our premium 4K UltraLite and Optima Dual Digital, we have what you’re looking for.

    Discover our Free-Form Progressive Lenses
  • Free-Form Single Vision Lenses

    If you’re looking for a superior Digital Single Vision Lens, look no further! Our Digital Single Lens portfolio covers materials from 1.50 – 1.74. This includes Transitions, Polarized and Sun Solutions, Anti-Fatigue and RelaX Lenses.

    All 1.50 index lenses are manufactured from true CR-39 and not acrylic — so rather than cheap materials, you get quality. Our high index lenses (MR Series) have great strength and durability that is ideal for rimless, including full UV protection.

    Discover our Free-Form Single Vision lenses
  • Finished Stock Lenses

    The wide range of the Mr. Lenses Finished Stock Lenses portfolio serves as your personal warehouse.

    You can reduce your cost and delivery times by consolidating your stock orders with your Digital Rx orders.

    Our extensive variety of single vision stock lenses includes a full range of plastic, Transitions, Hi-Index, and Polycarbonate.

    Also, we offer an extensive range of AR coatings, Hard-Coat, Blu-Blockers, and much more!

    Discover our Finished Stock Lenses
  • Bifocal Lenses

    We offer a great range of bifocal
    lenses in CR-39.

    Bifocal lenses give the user a combination of distance and near prescriptions in a single lens for added usability and convenience.

    Discover our bifocal lenses

    Whether you need a conventional single vision or conventional progressive lens manufactured, we have you covered!

    We can provide progressive and single vision lenses of 1.50 to 1.74 index for your conventional Rx lens orders, featuring materials such as CR-39, Hi-Index, Trivex, and Polycarbonate.

    Discover our surfaced rx lenses

We Help You Grow
the Mr. Easy Way…

Why should you consider us as your new lens supplier?



Let’s face it. Pricing is the first thing you think of when it comes to finding an excellent lens supply partner. We know this, so we made sure our prices are Mr. Attractive. This allows you to work with a more flexible margin as you grow your business.



Our delivery times are Mr. Speedy! With a delivery time of only 1-3 working days, we can get your orders to you in a timely manner. With a global presence in the lens supply industry, we have the ability to fulfill orders worldwide with the fastest lead times in the industry


Hight quality,
top notch lense

We are committed to producing only the Mr. Best quality Digital Prescription Lenses, Finished Stock Lenses, Transitions, and Traditional Prescription Lenses in the business. To that end, we use advanced manufacturing methods with the latest industrial technologies and stringent quality control . This ensures our lenses are among the best in the world. We also offer a 2 years guarantee on all our lenses and coatings.



Our intention is to make it Mr. Easy for you to do business with us! We offer lots of extras that you rarely get from other lens suppliers, including:

  • Private labeling and product packaging options
  • Brochures, booklets, and product videos
  • Cleaning cloths for progressive lenses
  • Promotional materials


Our Mr. Amazing team of service representatives are just a call or mouse click away from answering your questions concerning our products and services. We are dedicated to giving you the best possible customer experience and w ill do whatever is necessary to help you with your lens orders.

Don’t Wait, Become
Part of Our Mr.
Focus Rx Program!

Registering for our Mr. Focus Rx program has never been more convenient. We offer a Mr. Easy regis­tration process using our software that is pain free and fast. Then you can order your lenses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world!

As a reminder, our production process guarantees fast turnaround times while ensuring your lenses are consistently of the highest quality with every order.

Here’s OUR
production process

Day 01

  • Receipt
    for order

  • Order

Day 02

  • Surfacing

  • Hard

  • Inspections

Day 03

  • AR

  • Packaging
    and Shipment

Mr. Lenses ships worldwide
using DHL Express/UPS Express.

Due to our volume, there is no brokerage or courier fees so you get the lowest transportation rates via our accounts.

If you prefer a different carrier, we’ll work with you to make it happen and provide you with the utmost flexibility and ease.