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Our Selection of
Conventional Surfaced
Lenses is Mr. Complete

Mr. Lenses is a global lens company committed to giving you an extensive Mr. Choice of Conventional Surfaced Lenses.

With our precision technology, we are able to offer you a Mr. Superior lens, in any material of your choice, in the range that fits your requirements at a great price!

At a quick glance, you can take a look at our Conventional Surfaced Lens offerings and see we have all the indices, lens materials and brands you are looking for with fast shipping.

Discover our Conventional Surfaced Lenses

Discover our Conventional Surfaced Lenses

Single Vision Lenses

Our Single Vison Lenses represent the Mr. Highest quality in the lens industry. Made from state-of-the-art technology, our lenses are offered in a wide range of indices, materials, tints and diopter powers. We can customize our Single Vision Lenses to your customer specific needs and requirements.

Take a look below for more information about our Single Vision lenses availability and how it can improve your business.

Product availability

Bifocal RX Lenses

Mr. Lenses offers Bifocal Rx Lenses in different indices, materials, brands and two different segment widths. Our Bifocal Rx Lenses also come in a variety of Mr. Coatings to suite your needs and specifications.

Take a look below for more information.

Bifocal RX Lens ranges

Mr. Coatings

All Mr. Lenses Single Vision Lenses come with our Mr. Coatings:

Our ability to tint any of our Mr. Lenses products is a Mr. Important point we would like to bring to your attention. We offer a ridiculous amount of choices in classic shades, gradient & mirrors to customized orders.

Whatever tints you are looking for, we have the ability to deliver it to you in dazzling color and in any density.

Know Your Lens Indices

Mr. Lenses has a wide variety of lens indices

Whether you’re looking for index 1.50, 1.60, 1.67 or 1.74, we have Mr. Everything that you need to run your business.