Lens that
Delivers the
Very best

Optima Dual Digital is our Mr. Hi-end free form progressive lens. It is the top lens of choice when it comes to unmatched performance and usability.

This next generation lens has a variable base and design that distributes diopter progression on both front and back. Astigmatic disturbances in the peripheral areas are reduced which results in a 50% wider field of vision (depending on diopter powers) and reduced aberration by 30%.

The mr. easy in optima dual digital

Optima Dual Digital is our Mr. Best Clarity and Field of Vision for a reason. With its patented Camber Technology®, the wearer gets the best of both worlds and experiences a wider field of view from all directions.

Optima Dual Digital is made for the discerning user who appreciates the finer things in life like a rare vintage wine or an exclusive, hard-to-find time piece.

The wearer is someone that is looking for something out-of-the-ordinary and experiences the cutting-edge in progressive lens technology at a premium price.

The mr. benefits

Parabolic front
free-form progressive

Decreased image distortion with clear contrast

Thinner and lighter than other progressive lenses

3 different progression lengths

Reduce oblique astigmatism & peripheral blur

The Mr. rating for Optima Dual Digital

Width of visual field for distance vision

Width of visual field for intermediate vision

Width of visual field for near vision

Ease of adaptation

The Mr. Wearer will benefit from

New and experienced progressive lens wearer that appreciates top tier performance and utility with unmatched clarity in field of view at all distances

Wide field of vision helps
facilitate adaptation

Lenses are thinner and lighter than
standard progressive lenses

Lowest level of astigmatic aberration
in peripheral field of view

Provides for wider reading zones
with crisp and clear vision

Why choose our optima dual digital

Optima Dual Digital is our Mr. Top-Tier progressive lens when it comes to the very best in quality, performance and usability. Our hi-end lens also comes with a reasonable price and would be a welcome addition to your lens portfolio.

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