The perfect
lens for every
visual need

Individual is a premium free-form progressive lens specifically tailored to the wearer's unique needs and lifestyle.

Optimized field of vision, improved lens aesthetics and completely personalized design distinguishes this lens from all other free form progressive lens on the market. Since the lens design is Mr. Tailored to the individual’s unique prescription, aberrations are placed outside visual zones creating a viewing experience that is wider than any standard progressive lens.

The Mr.easy in individual

Individual is our Mr. Personalized Your Eyes, Your Needs. The name says it all since it represents a true customization of everything that is unique about YOU!

From your eye glass prescription, type of frame, activites, lifestyle and even how you like to wear your eyeglasses on your face gets taken into account to make the Mr. Ultimate in Free-Form Progressive Lenses.

This is the lens that you want to be in! Mr. Lenses proprietary technology makes it possible for you to enjoy these lenses but at a price that’s reasonable for you.

The mr. benefits

Fully personalized
lens parameters

Designed to your unique prescription

Effortless transition at all distances

3 different progression lengths

Brief adaptation period

The Mr. Rating for Individual

Width of visual field for Distance Vision

Width of visual field for Intermediate Vision

Width of visual field for Near Vision

Ease of adaptation

The Mr. Wearer will benefit from

New or previous progressive lens wearer looking for the ultimate in personalized optics tailored for them and their unique specifications and needs

Specifically tailored to the patient,
the frame, and patient lifestyle

Optimally designed for far and intermediate distances

Clear field of vision in
lateral zones

Natural and comfortable vision

Why choose our individual hd

When you are looking for the ultimate in tailored, highly customized Free-Form Progessive lenses, look no further than Individual. It is our very best lenses for those of discerning taste and specific need.

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