Your optimal
choice for
driving &

Dynamic HD is a mid - level free form progressive lens that is made for very active people.

With its very large field for distance vision and limited near zone, Dynamic HD is specifically designed for driving, sports and any distance related activities.

There is no distortion in the peripheral field enabling the wearer to judge distances and surrounding spaces Mr. Accurately. This gives Dynamic HD lenses a superior edge when engaging in all outside activities.

The mr. easy in dynamic HD

Dynamic HD is our premier Mr. Outdoor Activites and lifestyle lens. Whether your carving down the slopes on your skis, hiking on a trail or blasting down the highway on your motorcycle, Dynamic HD was specifically designed to keep up with your favourite outdoor activity and lifestyle.

With its overly generous distance and ample near corridor, you’ll love the performance this lens gives you when engaging in all-things outdoor.

The mr. benefits

The ideal outdoors
Free-Form design

Easy to adapt

Comfortable ideal outdoors free-form design

3 different progression lengths

Available in full range of materials

The Mr. Rating for Dynamic HD

Width of visual field for Distance Vision

Width of visual field for Intermediate Vision

Width of visual field for Near Vision

Ease of adaptation

The Mr. Wearer will benefit from

New and experienced progressive lens wearer that is very active indoors and outdoors. Specifically made for sports, driving and all dynamic activities.

Very wide field for distance vision

Increase visual zones for active users
to enhance contrast and vision

Enhanced ability to judge space and depth while in motion

Lens of choice for all rigorous indoor
and outdoor activities

Why choose our dynamic hd

Indoor HD is the Mr. Go - to lens for all near and indoor activities. It provides all day comfort for near work such as office and computer work at an attractive price.

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