The Mr. Solution to Digital Eye Strain

Our use of digital devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones are growing at an exponential rate. Complaints of headaches, eyestrain, dry eyes and eye pain is growing as well.

RelaX Reading Digital is our Mr. Premier Free-Form Single Vision Lens and is designed to address the issues of prolonged reading and computer work so that your work performance does not suffer.

RelaX Reading Digital comes with all the benefits of a top-notch Free-Form Single Vision Lens made for up-close work but at a very Mr. Attractive price!

The Mr. Additional Information in RelaX Reading Digital

RelaX Reading Digital is one of the very best accommodative support lenses on the market today. It combines the latest manufacturing and design methods to bring you Mr. Unparalleled clarity of vision for tasks such as reading, computer work and all‑things up close.

In keeping with advanced Free-Form design, RelaX Reading Digital is fully Mr. Personalized to each wearer’s prescription according to individual parameters. Optimized design allows for improved near vision with smooth transition between zones. To fully utilize RelaX Reading Digital, a minimum mounting height of 19 mm is used.

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The Mr. Benefits

Minimize aberrations and astigmatic disturbances

Improves accommodation & decreases eye strain

Three additions (+0.50, +0.75, +1.00)

Personalized to each patient’s perscription

Smooth & rapid focus for prolonged work

Good for new presbyopia wearers

The Mr. Rating for RelaX Reading Digital





Digital Devices

The Mr. Wearer will benefit from

Younger users needing reading support for the first time. Also, pre-presbyopes needing extra accommodation for their near tasks as well as young children to assist in near accommodation.

Reduced eyestrain

Crisp and clear near vison

Extended time on near work
before experiencing ocular fatigue

Why choose RelaX Reading

Relax Reading Digital is our Mr. Fantastic Free Form Single Vision Lens which supports all near work and prevents you from experiencing eyestrain, headaches and eye pain due to computer work and reading. It has a Mr. Exceptional price point and exceeds quality and performance standards.

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